How To Coordinate

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This pages is a simple guide on how to co-ordinate a new repeater, and how to keep your co-ordination current. The entire process of co-ordination will take up to 45 days from initial request, so please be patient. The reason being that calculations must be performed by the coordinator, and adjacent state coordinators must be contacted to rule out potential interference issues.

**You must have Adobe Reader to Fill in forms online click here to download**

To Co-ordinate a NEW repeater:
1. Download and fill out the “New Repeater Request” form from this website (in PDF fillable form). The key technical data that will be required:
a) Determine the GPS location of the new repeater (latitude and longitude in minutes and seconds).
b) Determine the ground elevation (AMSL) and antenna height of the tower site.
c) Determine the band and frequency to be used (a frequency will be provided if already in use).
d) Determine the type of repeater (voice, digital, etc.).

2. Download and fill out the “ERP Calculation” form from this website (in PDF fillable form). This form is necessary to calculate the gains and losses of the repeater system to determine the resulting output power of the repeater. The key technical data required:
a) Type of antenna, feedline, and duplexers in use (the gains of losses of each).
b) The output power of the radio transmitter.
c) The repeater band (2 Meters, 440 MHz, etc.).

3. Sign and email these filled-out forms to and await a reply.

4. After co-ordination has been approved, you will receive an email stating such.  Then, as a final step, you must download and fill out the “Operational Report form from this website (in PDF fillable form), and email it to within 6 months of approval.  If this is not done, the co-ordination will be cancelled and the assigned frequency will return to the pool.

To renew EXISTING Co-ordination (annually):
Download the “Annual Repeater Update form from this website (in PDF fillable form).  Fill out this form, sign it, and email it to  This must be done annually to keep your repeater listed in the ARRL Repeater Book, and the to keep your coordination active.  UPARRA dues (currently $5 annually per organization/club) are generally paid at this same time.  For instance, if a club owns and operates 3 repeaters, that club only pays $5.00.

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